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General Inpatient Care

A general inpatient care day is a day in which a patient receives general inpatient care in an inpatient setting for pain control or acute or chronic symptom management which cannot be managed in other settings.

  • When is General Inpatient Appropriate ?

    GIP may be initiated when the interdisciplinary group (IDG) determines that the patient’s pain and symptoms cannot be effectively managed in the patient’s home or other residential setting. Documentation of the need for GIP is key to provide medical reviewers with a clear understanding of the GIP admission. 

  • Where can General Inpatient be Provided ?

    A Medicare-certified hospice that meets the conditions of participation for providing inpatient care directly as specified in $418.110.

    A Medicare-certified hospital or a skilled nursing facility that also meets the standards specified in $418.110(b) and (e) regarding 24-hour nursing services and patient areas.