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End Stage Alzheimer’s Program

The Moments Through Time Alzheimer’s program puts an emphasis on engaging activities presented by trained staff using technology tools and sensory items that encourage participation and communication to maximize the quality of life for those living with end stage Alzheimer’s.

This specialized service is dedicated to therapy approaches using IPAD apps which utilize and access visual, auditory and printed media/sources that are relevant and stimulating to this unique population of individuals.

Our Moments Through Time team stives to stimulate thinking, increase attention, attach relevancy and most importantly improve communication while decreasing behaviors.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the APEX Alzheimer’s Program, MOMENTS Through Time, is to meet the activity and sensory need, through joint efforts, of APEX Hospice and Palliative Care, the skilled nursing facility, Assisting living communities, supportive living centers, families and physician to those patients we serve.  The program is developed for hospice patients in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s.  MOMENTS Through Time uses person-centered approaches to improve quality of life through meaningful sensory activities that stimulate senses, promote relaxation and offer comfort at the end of life.  The sensory approaches will include music, interactive activities, reminiscence, creative arts and rummage bags.

  • Objectives

    1. Enhance the quality of life for APEX patients with advanced Alzheimer’s.
    2. Coordination of care of APEX patients and other healthcare professionals involved in each patients care.
    3. Diminish feelings of stress and anxiety
    4. Promotes feelings of personal meaningfulness
  • Protocol

    1. Initial interview process to capture patient preference: Hospice Liaison is responsible, at time of admissions and with the assistance of the Activity Director and family member, to complete the Patient Interview and share with the APEX Interdisciplinary Team that are assigned to each patient in the program.
    2. My Music MOMENTS: Liaison’s will obtain information to set up and manage the ITunes account and provide music on the equipment provided to team members, for the patient. CNA will facilitate once to twice a week during visits, the My Music MOMENTS for the patient with the intention of stimulating the patient’s verbal and physical response.
    3. My Active MOMENTS : Volunteers to work with patients and facility to coordinate special Alzheimer’s activities with each visit that will benefit the Alzheimer’s patient’s physical well-being.
    4. My Connective MOMENTS: Volunteers and Liaison’s will coordinate a activity visit twice a month using IPAD applications, in a group or one on one setting, that will benefit the Alzheimer’s patients physical and mental stimulation.
    5. My Journal MOMENTS :  A MOMENTS Through Time Journal will be kept at patient’s bedside.  As each designated APEX discipline works with our patients on a “My MOMENTS” activity, at the conclusion of each visit a note will be placed in the journal regarding what activity was performed and patient’s response, for purpose of family support.