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COVID-19 Outcomes

From the CEO & APEX Hospice and Palliative Care Team:

As we near month three of the COVID-19 pandemic, the APEX Hospice and Palliative team members are hopeful that this email will find many, just like our agency, are safe and working their way through these unprecedent times.  We have been a excited during this first week of June, to see the number of those testing positive decreasing on a daily basis, and have begun to evolve our agency back into some normalcy in operations.   Over the last few months, we have sent a couple of emails outlining our measures to assure the safety of our end of life patients, as well as our front line staff, the nurses and C.N.A.’s who care for those patients.  We remain committed to that safety and while doing so, we have to work towards rekindling of those relationships that assured end of life patients are being referred to Hospice and Palliative services.

As I am sure many organizations are facing fears related to “how healthcare will bounce back from this pandemic and the stigma it has created for many healthcare entities or changed in how we all work together”, it is our goal at APEX Hospice and Palliative Care to remain a strong partner to healthcare providers for Hospice and Palliative services.   We want to be there to help and make a difference.   The perseverance of our team and agency has most definitely been put to the test.  And while, as many, our marketing department was pulled from the visibility of the healthcare community, they have worked diligently to remind healthcare providers of the continued importance of Hospice and Palliative services for patients that will enhance the collaboration and care of patients at home, hospitals, home health and skilled nursing facilities.  Only the healthcare professionals can bring this back to any normalcy by creating that normalcy among us.

  • PPE

    We have provided sufficient PPE to our front line staff from day one of the pandemic and been able to donate PPE to skilled nursing facilities to participate in the safety of their front line staff

  • 0% Staff Diagnosed with COVID-19

    Not one of our front line staff has had COVID – 19 symptoms or been positive for COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.

  • APEX patients have low Positive COVID-19 rates

    11% of our total patient census has tested positive throughout various healthcare settings, and 4% have died, that had positive results, all others have recovered.

  • No Disruptions in Service

    Our front line staff are full force in the field and have been since the pandemic began.  They want to be of assistance across all settings to care for patients in need of Palliative and Hospice services.

  • Increased Staffing

    Our agency has ramped up physician and nurse practitioner staffing

  • Improved Cancer Continuum of Care

    During the pandemic, APEX Hospice and Palliative Care has developed and trained our entire team in a specialized Cancer Program that will create a necessary continuum of care while enhancing the quality of life for those patients newly or otherwise diagnosed.

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