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Nurses are Hero’s

The APEX Hospice and Palliative Care team understands and celebrates the importance of National Nurses Week each year.  Better than that, our team appreciates our Hospice nurses all year round.  This year, 2020, is THE YEAR OF THE NURSE, has had such a deeper meaning to all.  There is not a nurse who could have predicted, when taking their oath to care for others healthcare needs, that the United States would enter into a pandemic, such as experienced.  Yet, not a day has gone by, even prior to the announcement of the pandemic, that APEX nurses have not stepped out of their homes and into the homes of end of life patients and unselfishly poured themselves into each day of their career, assuring quality care, while holding a hand, many days at bedside, saying good-bye to their patients.

While most would say it’s a profession and skill, agreed, but more than that it is who they are as human beings.  We thank not only our nurses, but nurses around the world for sharing your gift with those you care for.